How Do I Move Contacts from My Android Phone?

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This article will guide you to move contacts from an Android device to a Jolla phone using Bluetooth.

Please note: as Android heavily relies on a Google account, the easiest way for most Android users to transfer their contacts to Jolla is to simply add their Google Account into Jolla in Settings > Accounts > Add account. To read more about this, please see here.


Export all contacts on the Android phone into a .cvf file:

  • on the Android phone; go to App - Options - Import/Export - Export to US storage OR
  • select 'Export to SD card' if you have a SD card inserted in your Android phone
  • when the contacts are exported; go to 'My Files app' - 'All Files' - 'Device storage' OR
  • if you have exported the contacts to the SD card, select 'SD memory card'

Share the exported contacts via Bluetooth

  • Select the exported contacts file (usually named contacts.cvf or 0001.vcf)
  • Share the file using Bluetooth; press the share icon and select Bluetooth
  • From the available list of devices, select your Jolla
  • the contacts file will be sent to your Jolla 
  • Tap 'Accept' to receive the file to your Jolla

Import the received contacts: 

  • On your Jolla; tap on 'Settings' then 'Apps' and then tap on the 'People' app
  • Under 'import contacts' select the recently received file (usually named contacts.vcf or 0001.vcf)
  • Now all your contacts are imported to the People app
  • Tap on 'View all contacts' if you want to view the imported contacts


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