Yandex account workaround

Jolla Service and Support -

Workaround for the inability to register/connect to Yandex.Store is as follows:

  • Create a Yandex account outside of the Yandex.Store client of the phone at using a computer. These credentials can be used in the Yandex.Store client on Jolla phone then
  • Set the phone to English
  • Preferably carry out the Yandex connection via WLAN and not switching between WLAN and 3G data.

Please also note that when creating a user account directly on the Yandex.Store client, it will ask the user to fill in details for a “password recovery” option. The user is given two options, either fill in details for 1) a secret question or 2) choose to deliver a secret code over mobile phone via SMS. The user should use the secret question as the Yandex.Store client has an issue with the delivery of SMS's with international country prefix (+358).
This is a known issue and is being fixed by Yandex.

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