Adding a Twitter Account

Jolla -

Adding your Twitter account to your Jolla will allow you to:
* See new Tweets in the Events view
* Allow you to post to Twitter from the Events view
* Allow you to share photos to Twitter

To add a Twitter account:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Pull down and tap ‘Add account’
  • Tap on Twitter (so that it says 1 selected in upper right corner)
  • Swipe left or tap on the glow in the upper right corner
  • Accept the terms & conditions by swiping left or by tapping on the glow in the upper right corner
  • The Twitter authorization -page will automatically open
  • Authorize app by filling in your login information and tap “authorize app”
  • Your Twitter account is now added
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    4th step says Facebook where it should state Twitter....

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    Adding a twitter account (or google account) don't works if the time is incorrect on jolla phone. Enable NTP sync (automatic update in date/time settings).

    Check the date/time in command line with "date" program.

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