What Bluetooth profiles does SailfishOS support?

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The Bluetooth Core Specification version supported by SailfishOS is 4.0.

SailfishOS supports the following Bluetooth profiles:

For streaming Audio
A2DP 1.2 (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile):
Enables you to stream music from Jolla to Bluetooth accessories, such as wireless headphones, speakers or car audio systems. SailfishOS supports the SBC codec but not mp3 or apt-x codecs.

HFP 1.5 (Hands-Free Protocol):
Enables transferring the audio from a telephone call to a Bluetooth accessory or to car audio system.

HSP 1.2 (Headset Profile):
Enables the use of Bluetooth headsets with Jolla.

For transferring Audio & Video (files)
AVCTP 1.3 (Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol)
AVDTP 1.2 (Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol)
AVRCP 1.0 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile):
Allows using your Jolla as a rudimentary remote control to other Bluetooth devices: "play, stop, pause" etc. commands to devices. SailfishOS does not support media metadata.

GAVDP 1.2 (General Audio/Video Distribution Profile):
Enables the sharing of audio and video over Bluetooth to other devices.

OPP 1.1 (Object Push Profile):
Enables initiating a Bluetooth transfer from Jolla, without recipient device requesting it first.

SPP 1.1 (Serial Port Profile):
Replaces the need of having a physical RS-232 serial connector on the device.

PBAP 1.0 (Phone Book Access Profile):
Enables the viewing of your Jolla's phone book in another device, for example at car dashboard.

HID 1.0 (Human Interface Device Profile):
Allows use of HIDs with Jolla, for example keyboards and mice. SailfishOS supports the American keypad layout only.
Known issue: Key data is not delivered to Android apps.

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