How do I connect to a WLAN?

Jolla -

Before connecting to a WLAN network, you must know the following details:

  • The name of the network you are connecting to
  • The possible password of the network

Connceting to a WLAN network:


  • Tap on 'Settings' icon-launcher-settings.png
  • Tap on 'System'
  • Under ‘Connectivity’ (the headline shown on the right hand side) you will find ‘WLAN’
  • Tap on ‘WLAN’ and your options open
  • Pull down to ‘Connect to Internet’ 
  • You  will see all the networks your Jolla finds
  • Choose the one you want to connect to and insert a password if requested.
    Note: some networks require that you open an internet browser before you can enter all login credentials.
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