How do I import contacts to the People app?

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There are several ways of getting your contacts into the phonebook of your Jolla, the People app. You can see the options in menu page Settings > Apps > People:

Import wizard

Import wizard will guide you step-by-step in importing the contacts to the People app. It covers the methods described below.

Importing contacts from another device with Bluetooth

This option relies on a wireless connection between Jolla and the other device. It assumes that both devices support a smilar synchronization protocol. This option may not work between all devices.

Importing contacts from a SIM-card


  • You have moved your contacts to your SIM card on your old device.

To transfer contacts from your SIM card:

  • Insert your SIM card. 
  • Turn on your Jolla and enter the PIN code if requested.
  • Visit menu page Settings > Apps > People
  • Tap on “From SIM card”. 
  • Transfer starts and completes in a few seconds.
  • From now on you can see your contacts in People app!


Importing contacts from a vCard file (.vcf -file)

If you have your contacts in a .vcf or vCard file, you can import contacts by using this file. Place the .vcf -file anywhere in "Phone Memory", and then do the following:

  • Open Settings > Apps> People
  • Select "From contact file"
  • You will be shown all the .vcf files Jolla has found in its memory. If you can't see your .vcf file here, try transferring it over to your Jolla again.

 How can I get my contacts into a .vcf -file?

  • Some phones have the feature to Export the phonebook, and more often than not the contacts are exported into a .vcf file.
  • Some cloud services, such as support exporting the phonebook into a .vcf file.

    To learn more about importing contacts from a .vcf file, read here.


Transferring contacts from an Online service (such as Google, Facebook etc.)

Jolla supports a variety of different services from which to transfer your contacts into your Jolla.

To add such an account:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts.

2. Pull the view down to reveal the pulley menu, and select "Add account". Select the account you want to add from the list of services.

3. You will be asked to accept "The Terms of Use" of that service, and then asked to sign-in.

4. You will then be asked to define which items to sync from the added service.


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