How do I pair a device with my Sailfish OS device using Bluetooth?

Jolla -

Note: Before you start 'pairing' a peripheral device with your Sailfish OS phone, please check your device manual to see how to pair them. It is common that with accessories such as headsets or speakers you have to press the power button of a Bluetooth-device for a long time until the notification LED blinks rapidly (often in blue colour). Then the device is ready for pairing.


To pair a device:

Tap on Settings icon-launcher-settings.png

  • Under the ‘Connectivity’ headline; tap on ‘Bluetooth’ [#]
  • Tap to switch Bluetooth on. Change the device name if you want.
  • Pull down and search for Bluetooth devices
  • You can now see a list of all devices you can connect to
  • Tap on the device you want to connect to in section Other devices nearby.
  • Your Sailfish OS device will now ask you to ‘accept’ the connection. Your Jolla and the device to-be connected should show the same 6-digit code (if the other device has a display).
    - Do accept the connection if the codes match.
  • Decide if you always want to allow connections between these devices automatically. Otherwise, you will need to set the connection on in this menu page every time you need it.
  • Now, this device appears under Paired devices. Tap and hold it to see that there is a context menu with actions for this device.



Problem solving

Some intelligent devices (having a display and buttons) may also be able to initiate the pairing. This may help in cases where pairing started from the phone does not succeed. Remember to set the 'Visibility' of your phone on in this case before trying to pair.

Should the pairing repeatedly fail, restart both your Sailfish OS device and the other device. Try again.

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