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This article will help you through the first views you see when taking a Jolla into use. Before starting your Jolla up for the first time, insert the SIM-card and possibly a memory card into the device. Press the power switch on the side once ready.


The Startup Wizard

The Startup Wizard will launch on first start up of your deivce, and help you define the basic settings of your device.

Here's a description of the Wizard's phases:

1. If the SIM-card inserted into your Jolla uses a PIN-code, you will be asked to enter it soon after switching the device on. Insert your PIN when prompted. Note: if you got a new SIM-card when changing to Jolla, your PIN-code is probably a default PIN-code. Please ask your operator/carrier if you are unsure of your PIN-code.

2. After the Welcome -screen you will be asked to define your language. Choose your language from the list, and pull left. You must then confirm your language by pulling left again. Now wait a moment for the language settings to change.

If you select an incorrect language, you can cancel the selection by pulling right.

Here is a clarficiation, of what is meant by pulling left:

To learn more about Gestures, see here.

3. Next you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of Sailfish OS. You cannot use the device without adhering to these terms and conditions.

4. In the next view you will be asked to define the ambience of your handset. Choose a color that pleases you from the grid, and pull left. Notice the change in the colorscape. You get a chance to change the selected color by pulling right to go back. Select another colour and pull left.

5. Then you will be asked to define date and time settings. If you have a SIM-card in your device, it is probable that these settings have already been adjusted. Make changes if necessary. Be sure to activate using 24 hour clock if needed. Accept the settings by pulling left.

6. In the next screen, you can give your device information about yourself. This information is store only on the device. Filling in information is optional, and you can simple pull left to Skip or Accept this phase.

7. Now you must either create a Jolla account or sign-in with an existing Jolla Account.

When you do your selection, you will be asked to form an Internet connection. Select either WLAN or Mobiledata.

If you chose "Create account":

Write into the "Enter username" -field a username you would like for yourself. Note: try not to use special characters or spaces in your username.

Come up with a password and type it into the Password-fields twice to avoid making a type-o.

Accept by pulling left.


If you chose "Sign in":

Enter as your username your pre-existing username for your Jolla account.

Enter your password in the field below.

Note: usernames and passwords are user generated, and therefore Jolla staff cannot know your account credentials. To retrieve a forgotten username and/or password, please visit (click "RESET PASSWORD" and follow instructions on the screen).

Once you've inserted your username and password, pull left to sign in.

Should you see a notification on an available SailfishOS update after this point, please postpone downloading and installing it. Let the phone first complete what is instructed below. Especially, let it install all apps you want to have in step 9 below. Start downloading the OS update only when all of your apps appear in the Launcher screen as icons.


8. You will then be asked to add additional accounts. Now's your chance to for example add e-mail accounts or services such as Facebook and Google. It is possible to synchronise contacts and calendars from supported services. Installing Exchange-accounts happens after first startup.

Some services require that you give your Jolla rights to use the account, by logging in with your service credentials.

Email accounts may require, that you add the server settings manually.

You get confirmation of succesfully added accounts, and you can chose which items to synchronise with added service.

9. Then you will be asked which applications to install. On of the listed and recommended applications is the Android (TM) support, which enables the running of Android apps on your Jolla. Choose the applications you want to install, and pull left.

10. After this the Tutorial fires up, and it will teach you the Gestures used to navigate your Jolla. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can find the Tutorial in your installed apps in the Application grid, and can run it again any time.

Even after the Tutorial ends, you will be given hints in Sailfish on how to use it. This is to ensure that your transition into Sailfish goes as smoothly as possible.

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