Jolla Phone: Buttons & Connectors, inserting SIM-card and MicroSD card

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This article will quickly introduce you to the keys and connectors on your Jolla Phone. You will also learn about entering your SIM- and MicroSD cards into your device, and get recommendations on related reading.


1 Device overview

2 Inserting a SIM-card and MicroSD card
2.2 Removing cards from the device


1 Device Overview



1 Volume Key

You use these keys to control the volume related to certain tasks and situations on your device.

To read more about adjusting volume in Sailfish, please see here.

The volume keys can also be used to take pictures when you're using the Camera:

  • You can take a photo both with the volume up and volume down key.
  • When you press a volume key down in the camera, the camera finds focus and you can adjust the framing (make sure everything you want is in the picture). Once it's perfect, you can simply release the volume key and the photo is taken.

    Read more about this in our Camera article.

2 Power Key

Turn on your Jolla by pressing and holding the power key until the device vibrates. With your phone unlocked, press and hold the power key for a short while to reveal the Top Menu with the Power Off icon.

When your Jolla is on, you can use a short press of the power key to switch the display on and off. You can also double-tap to wake your device.

For more power key functions, see our article Power key shortcuts.

3 Headphone Connector

Your Jolla will automatically use your headphones when you plug them into this socket. The socket/jack/connector can also be used as a line-out for playing music through external speakers.

To read more about supported headphones, please see our article Headphones & Jolla (AHJ).

4 Charging / USB

Your Jolla comes equipped with a MicroUSB 2.0 port which you can use to charge it or to connect to other USB devices using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). In Developer Mode, you can form an SSH-connection over USB. USB OTG is not supported by Jolla Phone.

For more on this please see our article How do I transfer files between a PC and my Jolla?

Charging can be done with any standard charger or using a PC, but it is much quicker when using a dedicated charger.

5 Camera / Flash

The main camera and flash are at the top of your Jolla.

The front-facing camera is on the same side as your display, in the top-left corner.


A note concerning the loudspeaker of the device

When you are holding the device so, that the screen faces you, you can find Jolla's loudspeaker at the bottom-left corner of the device,

Jolla has only one loudspeaker, even though there are speaker grills on both sides of the device.


2 Inserting your SIM-card into your Jolla Phone

Jolla supports the 'Micro SIM' card standard, and the MicroSD standard for memory cards (for technical details of Jolla's MicroSD support, please see here).

Please note: we never recommend using a SIM-card adapter with your Jolla phone!

Below are instructions for inserting these cards into your Jolla Phone:

  • Look at the back of your Jolla
  • Lift the bottom left corner of The Other Half until it comes loose.
  • Lift the right corner 
  • This will let you lift the whole cover off.
  • When the back cover, the other half is off, lift the rubber flap that keeps the SIM card in place
  • Insert a Micro SIM and your MicroSD card into the empty slots.
  • Push down the rubber flap
  • Re-attach The Other Half by clipping on the top first.



2.1 Removing cards from the device

  • Remove the cover as instructed above
  • Lift the rubber flap and remove the SIM-card.
  • Gently use your fingernail drag the Memory Card out.
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