What is The Other Half?

Jolla -

The Other Half -covers are smart back covers designed to change the look and sound of your Jolla device.

You simply need to attach the cover to your phone, and the appearance and sounds, ie. the Ambience of your device will be dramatically changed.

Every other Half comes with its own ambience.

The Other Half is a smart cover - as you change between your covers, you instantly change the ambience.

Taking a The Other Half into use


1. A Jolla account on your phone
To be able to enable your TOH content on your device, you need to have a Jolla Account configured on your device. When in doubt, please check in Settings > Accounts that you have a Jolla Account in use on your phone. For more information on configuring the Jolla Account, please see here.

2. A working internet connection
Before attaching The Other Half, make sure your Jolla has a working internet connection.


Enabling The Other Half content

1. Attach your TOH (The Other Half) to your device.
2. Wait a while. Your device should vibrate, make a sound and a dialogue should pop-up, asking if you want to install the content.

The download dialogue has a (+) –icon. Press it to download and enable your Ambience.

That's it!

- - -

In case of trouble please read this.


Viewing installed Ambiences

To see your installed Ambiences, please go to Gallery > Ambiences

To read more on managing Ambiences, please see here.


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