Resolving problems with Jolla-account, loading applications from the Jolla-store, and/or getting the latest OS update

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If you are facing problems with your Jolla-account, downloading and installing applications from the Jolla-store, and/or getting the latest Sailfish OS update/s, please follow these instructions carefully: 

Check date and time

Check that the time and date are correct on your phone. If they are wrong, fix them in "Settings > System > Time and date"  (old OS versions) or in "Settings > Time and date" (recent OS versions).

Validate your Jolla-account on a PC/laptop computer

Go to

  • Log in with your Jolla-account credentials – if you are able to log in everything is OK
  • If you cannot login: Select ‘Reset Password’ and enter the same email address you used when you originally registered your Jolla account
  • You will receive an e-mail with your username information and a link to set a new password. The subject is "Password reset on". If you do not get this e-mail in a few minutes,  please check your Spam folder.
  • Note: your username can NOT be your email address nor contain any accented characters.
  • After successfully changing the password use 'Log in' below the confirmation to verify that the new credentials really work.
  • Please memorize your username and password.

Access your Jolla Account from your Sailfish OS device

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet
  • Verify your credentials at Settings > Accounts > Jolla. Pull down "Update sign-in credentials".
  • Enter your Jolla-account username and password (the same as in the PC validation above)
  • Check that your Jolla's date and time settings are correct in "Settings > Time and Date"
  • You are now logged in to the Jolla Store and should be able to

(a) Install applications
(b) Install The Other Half back cover (Jolla Phone only)
(c) Get SailfishOS updates.

(a) Download and install applications

  • Tap on Categories (at the bottom of the display), then on Jolla (in the end of the list).
  • Tap on each app you want to get and then tap 'Install'.

(b) Install The Other Half back cover

This concerns Jolla Phone only.

  • While the phone is turned on attach The Other Half to the phone
  • Tap on 'Install' near the top of the display.

(c) Download and installing Sailfish OS updates

If your current SailfishOS is one of 0.xx.yy or 1.xx.yy, please check chapter EXCEPTION: UPDATING FROM EARLY OS VERSIONS at the end of this page.

1) Installing updates from notifications

When there is an OS update available, you will receive a notification on your phone. All notifications are visible in the Events view. You can access it by swiping upwards from the lower edge of the screen.

    •  Tap on the OS notification to open it
    •  Access the pull-down menu to select 'Download' and follow the instructions on the screen

2) Checking for Sailfish OS updates manually

Alternatively, you can manually check for available Sailfish OS updates by following the steps below:

    • Open "Settings -> System > Sailfish OS updates" (old OS versions), or "Settings > Sailfish OS updates" (on recent OS versions)
    • Access the pull-down menu to select 'Check for update'
    • If there is an update take it by selecting 'Download' in the pulley menu.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.

If getting OS updates keeps failing

If you still can’t get applications or get the latest OS update, we recommend that you do a factory reset.

How to do a factory reset (complete instructions in here):

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > ’Reset device’ (at the bottom of  the long list)
  • Select: ’Clear device’, then enter the lock code (if requested). Finally, tap on ’Accept’.
  • The user memory of the phone will now be reset and all SailfishOS updates, as well as all your user data (installed applications etc.), will be lost and the phone will return to the state it was when it left the factory.

Preparing the phone for use after factory reset

1. Restart your Jolla and follow the instructions of the start-up wizard (tutorial). We recommend that you skip the adding of a Jolla account for now, we’ll do that at step 3. Also do not install any apps, nor sign-in to any accounts.

2. Make sure that your phone has a working Internet connection (WLAN or mobile data). You can check this by going to the web browser and entering any webpage address – if the page opens, your connection is working.

3. Open the Jolla Store application and choose ‘Add account’ from the pulldown menu, choose ‘Jolla’, then sign in with your Jolla-account credentials.
This step is similar to that of "Access your Jolla Account on your Jolla phone" above.

At this point, you have your Jolla account and Store available. Let's update Sailfish OS to the latest version.

4. Go to Settings > System > About Product.

5. Select ‘Check for update’ in the pulldown menu. Do as instructed at item "2) Checking for Sailfish OS updates manually" above.

6. Choose ‘Download’ and wait for the update to load. The progress bar is indicated on the scenery picture. Notice that the picture lightens from left to right indicating the progress in the download.  Wait until the update has loaded and then select ‘install’ from the pulley menu. During the installation process, there will be a Sailfish-logo on the screen and below that a line to indicate the installation process. Keep the phone connected to a charger. Do not touch the POWER key in this phase. The phone will restart after the installation is complete.



Please read and follow the advice in chapter "Updating from early Sailfish OS versions" of this help article.



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