How Do I Get an App from The Jolla Store?

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You need to have added a Jolla Account to your phone to use the Store.

Looking for apps

  • Launch Jolla Store to see what’s available. The main page shows a stream of apps and reviews 
  • Use ‘Search’ command in the pulley menu of the Store start page to search for a specific app.
  • At the top of this page you can see "Recommended by Jolla". This collection contains SailfishOS apps made by Jolla that you may want to install
  • Next below there are apps categorized by active commenting, novelty and popularity
  • At the bottom of this page there is a coarse ranking by the content: Apps, Games, Jolla and Marketplaces. Marketplaces has application stores (e.g. Aptoide) for getting Android apps.

Getting an application

  • When you see an app that interests you, tap on it and your Jolla will show you a page of information about it
    • At the page top you can see if the app is a SailfishOS or an Android one. Next to it tells how many times the app has been installed and how many recommendations it has got (thumbs up)
    • Next there is a short description of the app. Touch the icon of three dots to see more. The desciption ends in a series on screenshots from the app.
    • At the bottom of the screen there are comments and a place for you to leave a comment, too. Note that your name will appear alongside the comment.
    • If you haven't got this application yet, pull down to install the app and it will download and install
    • If you do already have this app installed then the pulley menu lets you remove it.
  • You can access and check your installed apps using 'My apps' in the pulley menu of the Store start page.  It is also possible to uninstall apps here.



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