How do I Change the Camera Settings?

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The Jolla Camera comes jam-packed with settings to ensure you take the best photo possible. This article explains these settings.

Accessing the Camera's settings

  • Go to the Camera app icon_camera.png
  • Pull down in the viewfinder view or tap on the icon row at the top of the viewfinder to access the options.
  • Pull up in the options view to get back to the viewfinder to take pictures.


The viewfinder view (left) and the options view (right)


Settings explained

In the viewfinder view:

  • Exposure compensation: Use the button near bottom left corner to adjust the automatic exposure by +/- 2 steps. The minus steps will expose the picture less, i.e. make it darker. The plus steps will expose the picture more, i.e. make it lighter. The plus steps are useful if your object has a bright backlight and would otherwise be left too dark.
  • The shutter button: pressing this button will begin capture of a still-image or a video.

There are several other controls available for the camera. Pull down the viewfinder (or tap on the icon bar at the top of the viewfinder) to access the options. The following list presents the controls from left to right in portrait orientation:

Camera mode:

  • Still camera:          capture photos in JPG format
  • Video camera:       record video clips in MP4 format.

Flash light:

  • Automatic:             allow the camera to decide if the camera flash is used or not
  • Flash off:               flash is not used at all (also not in low light)
  • Flash on:               flash is used for every picture (fill-in flash).

Colour of images (white balance):

  • Automatic:             (AWB) use this to let the camera make the colours as natural as possible
  • Cloudy:                   for cloudy weather when taking pictures in natural light
  • Sunny:                    for bright sunlight
  • Fluorescent:            use when the lightning is with energy-saving lamps
  • Tungsten:               use when the lightning is with traditional light bulbs.

Focus mode:

  • Tap to focus:          tap on the screen to indicate where you want the camera to focus
  • Infinity focus:         use this option to focus on distant objects
  • Continuous autofocus:   camera keeps focusing all the time.

Light sensitivity:

  • ISO auto:                camera selects a suitable light sensitivity for the image sensor
  • ISO 100:                 use this sensitivity in good light – this will yield fine grained photos
  • ISO 200:                 suitable for moderate light
  • ISO 400:                 use in low light to keep the exposure time shorter.

Viewfinder grid:

  • No grid
  • Thirds grid:            these grid lines help in achieving a nice layout for the picture
  • Ambience grid:       these grid lines help making an image to be used as background image

Capture delay:

  • 0 sec (no delay)
  • 3 sec
  • 10 sec
  • 15 seconds

    The delay is counted from the time of touching the capture button or from releasing the volume key. The delay allows you some time to aim better or even include yourself to the picture if the device is well supported on a stand.

Camera selection:

  • Main camera:         use back camera for capturing pictures and videos with better resolution
  • Front camera:        use front camera for self-photos and for video calls.


Less frequently needed settings

Visit menu Settings > Apps  > Camera

GPS coordinates

  • If you have enabled location services (Settings > System > Location) you can choose if you want the GPS coordinates (the place where a picture was taken) to be saved to the captured photos.  Note that it may not be a good idea to upload personal pictures with GPS coordinates to various Internet services.

Aspect ratio and resolution

  • Tap on 'photo resolution' to change the resolution and the aspect ratio of the pictures. Both the main camera and the front camera have settings of their own with two options. Note that the aspect ration of the device display is 16:9.
  • Main camera: 16:9 and 6 megapixels or  4:3 and 8 megapixels
  • Front camera: 16:9 and 1 megapixel or 4:3 and 2 megapixels.


Customizing the location of the Shutter key

You can customize the location of the shutter button.

To do so:

  1. Open the Camera application
  2. Tap and hold anywhere on the viewfinder
  3. Select the location for the Shutter button:

Note: you'll have to do this for both portrait and landscape orientations.


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