How Do I View My Photos?

Jolla -

To view a photo:

  • Tap on Gallery. It presents all the photos in your device, including the SD card (if inserted).
  • Tap on Photos to see your photos as thumbnails.
  • Pull up to scroll through all your photos.
  • Tap on a photo to see it halfscreen together with the sharing menu
  • Tap on the photo again to make it fullscreen; further taps toggle the halfscreen and fullscreen views
  • Swipe horizontally to browse through images in fullscreen mode. You can hold the device in portrait or in landscape orientation.
  • You can also browse through the images in halfscreen  mode by swiping horizontally in the picture half of the display.
  • Swipe the sharing menu to the right to get back to the thumbnails (or tap on the half LED in the top-left corner). Swipe the thumbnail view to the right to get back to the main folders of Gallery app.


Example 1: Showing main folders, thumbnail view, halfscreen view and fullscreen view while device in portrait orientation

Example 2: Halfscreen view and fullscreen view while device in landscape orientation

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