How do I search for contacts in my device?

Jolla -

Tapping on the people application icon-launcher-people.png shows your address book.

The People app shows images of your favorites first (or their names if no pictures), then people you've contacted recently (the way of contacting indicated as an icon on the right) and then everyone else in an alphabetical index.

Using the search function

To search for your contacts, you can pull down and tap "Show Search" in the pulley menu.

Then enter some text next to the icon with the magnifying glass, and your Jolla shows you your contacts whose details match with your text. Type the initial letters of a first name, last name, nickname or company name.

You can also search by a phone number (to see whose number it is). While writing the beginning of the number you should know if the stored number is in national or in international format (E.164). You may have to perform the search twice, for instance, first with +49355566 and then with 0355566. In this example "+49" is the country code of Germany and "03" is the area code in Germany.

Using the alphabetical index

Tap on a letter and you can scroll through all your contacts whose name starts with that letter. Note that the initial letters may be those of first names or of last names, depending on your settings in menu Settings > Apps > People > "Show last name first".

The first character or icon before the alphabet is a globe and it shows your which of your contacts are online. It's easy to start a Chat with them from here!

Tip: To add more Chat accounts, go to Settings > Accounts and select "Add account" from the pulley menu above!

Changing the Settings of the People app

To change the sort order of names to first or last name, exit the People app, enter Settings > Apps > People, and make the appropriate change to settings presented here.

In this view you can choose:

  • if your contacts should be shown last name or first name first
  • if your contacts are sorted by last name or by first name (regardless of which name is shown first on each row)
  • if contacts on the SIM-card should be shown in the list.

You can also initiate contacts transfer in this view.

Tip: to read more about transferring contacts from other devices, please go here!

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