How do I save a phone number from a received call or message?

Jolla -

The following article has multiple options on how to perform actions, depending whether you have the Quick Call feature on or off. To change this setting, go to Settings > Applications and select "Phone".

Save caller's phone number from an entry in the call history

  • Launch Phone app - call history appears
  • Tap on a number in the history - depending on the setting “Quick call” in Settings > Apps > Phone,  therea are two different ways to save the number:
    • Quick call = ON
      - Long tap opens up a menu with option 'Open contact card'. Use it. A contact card appears.
    • Quick call = OFF
      - Short tap opens up a contact card.
  • In the contact card, pull down to take 'Save'
  • Edit/add details like name and address.
  • Save the contact to People app by tapping on 'Accept'

Save sender's phone number from a message (SMS, MMS)

  • Launch Messages app
  • Tap on a message in the Inbox
  • Pull left to show the sender details. A contact card appears
  • Pull down and take command
    - 'Save' to add more details
    - 'Edit' (available for existing contacts) to edit the details
  • Save the contact to People app by tapping on 'Accept'.
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