What is the “People” application and how do I use it?

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The People -app is your device's address book.

Tapping on icon-launcher-people.png shows your address book.

How do I find my contacts?

The People app shows images of your favorites first, then people you've talked to recently and then everyone else.

You can always Pull down and tap "Show Search". Then enter some text next to the icon with the magnifying glass and your Sailfish device shows you your contacts whose first or last names match.

Everyone else is shown by letter:
Tap on a letter and you can scroll through all your contacts whose name starts with that letter.

You can change the sort order to first or last name in settings.


How do I add favorites?

Opening someone's details and tapping the star-icon adds them to your favorites, tapping again takes them away from your favorites.

For more help on this, please see here


How do I add contacts?

If you know someone's details, pull down and choose "Add Contact". You can add all kinds of details.
You can edit them again later if needed

Tap the empty box with a camera icon to add a picture to a contact.

You can change the picture by tapping it.
You can choose one from your linked accounts or from the Gallery.

For more help on this, please see here


How do I save a number from a received call or SMS?

From an entry in recent calls:

  • Tap and hold the number.
  • Then choose "Save as contact".
  • You will see two options: "Link to contact" and "Create new contact". 
  • Choose "Create new contact" if you want to create a new contact. Then proceed as described above in the "How do I add contacts".
  • Choose "Link to contact" if you want link that phone number to existing contact. Then proceed as described in the "How do I link contacts".

From an SMS message:

  • Pull left to show the sender detail
  • Pull down to Save or Link the phone number.

 Note: depending on the settings of your device, these instructions might not work this way for you. Get more help using this feature here.

How do I link contacts?

Everyone has lots of different numbers and addresses.
You can link a friend to all their addresses.

To do this:

  • Open your friend's details
  • Pull down and tap Link. 
  • Your phone will make some suggestions
  • Tap names to link them to your friend. 
  • If you want to add more or your phone didn't suggest what you wanted:
    • Pull down to "Add more links"

How do I share a contact?

You find this feature in the People pulley menu
Use it to send friend details over selected method, for example Bluetooth.

Note: for more help using this feature, please see here.

How do I edit or delete a contact?

Open someone's details:

  • Pull down the menu
  • Using Edit, you can change any of their details.
  • Choosing Delete to delete a contact. You will have a few seconds to change your mind.


How do I import contacts?

Go into Launcher, or to Home screen if you have Settings in favorite apps, and choose icon-launcher-settings.png . Choose Apps and thenicon-launcher-people.png 

Here you can choose to initiate an import from for eg. your SIM card.

Note: to read more about importing contacts from other devices, please see here.

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