How Do I Answer and Make a Call?

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Answering a Call

When a call comes in, your ringtone will sound (unless you're on silent), the vibrator may play and you will see the number of the caller (if not secret) or the name (if the number was found among your contacts in your Jolla phonebook).

1. See who's calling.
2. Pull the screen down to Answer. Let the horizontal illuminated line meet the word 'Answer'. Then lift your finger up.

The ringing will stop and the In Call view appears, giving you three options for controlling your call: it lets you to switch the voice to the internal hands-free speaker, to mute your microphone or to bring the keypad up for typing DTMF commands. There is a switch light for each of these options. Above them there is the call duration.

Using the pull down menu you can place another simultaneous call.

 At the bottom of the In Call view there is the button for ending the call.


Rejecting a Call

1. See who's calling.
2. Pull up the screen to select Ignore.

This will silence the ringtone and give you options to reply with an SMS or decline the call immediately. The voice channel is not opened at all after you ignored the call, so the caller will not hear anything you may say.

NOTE: From SailfishOS release Vaarainjärvi (1.1.1.x) onwards it is possible to ignore a call also by flipping the phone (turn it screen downwards) and by pressing the power key shortly.


After tapping Decline call the Call ended view appears (see below). If you chose Send message the message editor pops up for you to write your greetings to the caller. Call ended view has provides you with an easy way of calling back, too.


Making a Call

Depeding on the status of you Jolla there are different ways to initiate a call.

If your Jolla is asleep (display blanked out):

  • Give it a double tap to wake it up.
  • Pull down and select Phone, or do as below.

If your Jolla is awake

  • Tap on the Phone app  in the Launcher or on your Home Screen (if you have Phone as a favourite app there)

Phone application appears, showing the previous call history (if any). You can choose the target of your call in the following ways:

a) Touch the name or number that you want to call to. Depending on the Quick Call  [*] setting (see bottom note) you will see a contact card appear (below middle) or the Dialling  screen (below right). In case of the contact card, tap Call.


f the contact you want to call is not listed, then try the ways of finding it described below (bcd).

b) Pull down the menu and select either Enter phone number or Call contact.

c) If you choose to enter the phone number the keypad appears. Type in the number and tap Call.

d) If you choose to Call contact your contact list appears. You can
- tap on one of your favourite contacts (at the top)
- tap on one of the initial letters to look for your contact - then tap a name
- pull down to make a contact search and start typing in the name; your matching contacts will appear below. Tap a name.


Jolla makes the call now. First the screen has Dialling but soon it is replaced with 'Ringing' which means that the ringing tone is played to the called party. Note that you can still stop the call from proceeding by tapping Cancel .

After your call has been answered the In Call view appears. You can terminate the call by tapping the End button. For other available controls please see chapter Answering a call in the beginning of this article.




[*] Depending on the status of Quick call in Settings > Apps > Phone, different things happen:

  • Quick call = ON
    - Short tap initiates the call without delay.
    - Long tap opens up a menu with more options.
  • Quick call = OFF
    - Short tap opens up a contact card where you can choose the number (if multiple) and action (call, sms, email)
    - Long tap opens up a menu with more options.


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