How do I log in to the webshop?

Jolla -

The webshop is invitation-based and for pre-booking customers at this stage. Starting from 21 November 2013, invitations will be sent to enter the webshop where you can complete the purchase of your Jolla. Invitations will be sent according to priority order, beginning with pre-bookings of 100 EUR and 40 EUR from the EU, Norway and Switzerland. The webshop will open for general direct sales in selected European countries once all 1st and 2nd pre-booking customers have been served. More information to follow soon.

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    Dear Jolla

    Sorry to post off topic but you have closed comments in

    Since Jolla is a champion for being open this is unfortunate.

    It seems that Jolla has abandoned its promises to deal with pre-orders in order and is instead prioritising Finnish customers before those who committed their money and trust to Jolla.

    How sad.

    Sorry but this isn't acceptable. If you have messed up on the pre orders please tell us but you need to stick to your promises and dispatch in pre-order priority.

    We also need some real information on when we are going to get our Jollas please. The promise is that they will be delivered in December not that they will be dispatched in December.

    Please provide some real information to those who are waiting.


    Thanks and best wishes.



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