What Payment Methods Can I Use in The Web Shop?

Jolla -

We currently support PayPal payments (PayPal account or via Credit Card) and Finnish Online banks

Finnish Online Banks supported:

  • Nordea
  • OP
  • Danske Bank
  • LähiTapiola
  • Ålandsbanken
  • Handelsbanken
  • Aktia
  • S-Pankki


  • PayPal account (requires PayPal login credentials)
  • Credit Card (does not require PayPal login credentials)
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    You say that you support PayPal... I do not see any button for PayPal in your screenshot and in the menu.

    Do you actually support PayPal?

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    Liesbeth Bevelander

    +1 on the PayPal question. Do you support or will you be supporting PayPal? As I don't a credit card or a Finnish bank account I currently can't complete my purchase. Thanks

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    Nikos Alexandris

    @Arthur Where did you read that PayPal is supported? I remember an official tweet from @JollaHQ that PayPal is not supported.

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    "We currently support Card Payment, Finnish Online banks and PayPal"

    Taken from above.

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    Oh. It seems they removed PayPal due to issues.


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    Dear Jolla

    Sorry to post off topic but you have closed comments in  https://jolla.zendesk.com/entries/30204816-What-is-my-priority-

    Since Jolla is a champion for being open this is unfortunate.

    It seems that Jolla has abandoned its promises to deal with pre-orders in order and is instead prioritising Finnish customers before those who committed their money and trust to Jolla.

    How sad.

    Sorry but this isn't acceptable. If you have messed up on the pre orders please tell us but you need to stick to your promises and dispatch in pre-order priority.

    We also need some real information on when we are going to get our Jollas please. The promise is that they will be delivered in December not that they will be dispatched in December.

    Please provide some real information to those who are waiting.


    Thanks and best wishes.



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    Nikos Alexandris

    Dear @Mike,

    why can't we be a bit patient? Is a delay of a few days, or even a week, a real issue? Of course I can't possibly know everyone's real needs, but, after all, Jolla has been officially and clearly stating that the delivery can take 3-4 weeks after the payment has been complete. Did this already happen?  And if it happens, why expressing that this isn't acceptable?  This isn't an easy job and many unpredictable factors are in the shipping-game anyway.

    Kind regards, Nikos

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    Sorry Nikos I don't agree. Patience is one thing. Not meeting commitments is another.

    The commitment to deal with customers in priority order was made at the outset and now seems to have been abandoned. Neither is a bland statement that delivery can take 3-4 weeks after payment a satisfactory premise. Firstly because that is a very long time for a courier to make a delivery in the EU (given that dispatch should be on payment not some weeks later) and the service standards and delivery times for courier shipments is not unpredictable as you suggest.

    Over two weeks from making payment and Jolla have yet to confirm dispatch. This really isn't right. Would you be happy is Amazon worked that way?

    We've been patient. Watched Finnish customers who weren't in the first pre order get their phones ahead of us and seen the threads where concerns about delivery are raised closed to comments.

    This doesn't inspire confidence or patience.


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    Nikos Alexandris

    Dear @Mike,thank you for sharing your view. You raise 2 points in your writing. One is the expectation for fast delivery, ignoring the 3-4 weeks statement. The other one, which is justified, is that Finish customers will be served earlier than pre-orderers.

    Let us be clear about the facts. The "3-4 weeks" timeframe was clearly expressed from the very beginning. This is, so far, not tress-passed. I don't see the point in overlooking this statement, or disliking it, when an 80+ group of people have to deliver thousands of devices. And, I can't agree that courier deliveries are always on-time. I have experienced very often the opposite, both in countries who are famous to be punctual and in countries who are infamous for being on-time.

    What is likely to not meet the initial "premise", is that on-Finish ground (only) the devices will be available before all pre-orderers will receive their orders. Something went wrong and they are trying hard to fix it. Agreed, however, this was not the plan.


    So there is only one point which should bother, not two. But why does this make a huge difference? We are talking about a device which should be ground-breaking and serve users as a tool for a couple of years. Are a few days of delay a deal-breaker? In fact, you can see the essence of things and people when troubles arise. And this is what happening with Jolla right now: they show their true qualities

     by tweeting and e-mailing people on a Sunday (I was, honestly, positively surprised)! This is very inspiring and promising in my view. This is a real proof that they mean it when they say that they are approaching things in a different, than the conventional, way.

    My guess is that we will even face more small problems in the coming months. But after the "storm", people who have the option to pay for such a device, will enjoy something really unique. And hopefully, this will shift the industry a bit towards the Open Source values.

    Kind regards, Nikos

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