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Sailfish OS is able to receive the settings suitable for each SIM card of various cellular operators and put them in effect in the Sailfish device. For yet an unknown reason this may fail sometimes, especially when replacing the SIM card of operator A with the card of operator B.  It may be that in this case, it turns out to be impossible to turn mobile data on in Settings > Mobile networks.

This issue can often be resolved with our handy application. Please read on.


Support application oFono Logger

If you have the Internet connection available (over WLAN), follow these instructions please:

  1. Install application oFono Logger from Jolla Store. This app is not only for logging the events of the phone but it can also fix some issues in the settings of mobile data (if it can detect such).
  2. Launch "oFono Log" (it appears by that shorter name at the launcher grid). Do not be surprised about the logging lines the app starts printing to the screen.
  3. If the oFono Logger app can identify an issue that it knows how to fix, a new menu item called "Fix mobile data" should appear in the pull-down menu of this app (above "Clear log" ). You can reach the pull-down menu by first scrolling up the logging lines until you see "Ofono log" at the top right corner. Then swipe down the display (as usual) to expose the pull-down menu. If the condition that this menu item can fix is not detected, the item doesn't show up at all - in this case, jump to step #5.
  4. If the menu item is there, select it. The item should then disappear from the menu and it should become possible to enable mobile data from the "Settings > Mobile network" page. Alternatively, a new item "Enable mobile data" might appear in the pull-down menu. Select that, too, if it appears.
  5. Close oFono Logger. If mobile data started working, you might want to uninstall oFono Logger. If mobile data is still broken, keep the app as we might collect some logs from your device.

After this, you should be able to turn mobile data on in Settings > Mobile networks.


Some tricks worth trying

If oFono Logger did not bring any help, then read this help article, please.

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