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Sailfish X license from Jolla allows for installing the flashable image of Sailfish OS on any number of Sony Xperia devices. Furthermore, the license makes the so-called licensed content (*) available in Jolla Store, allowing to download and install them.

The license is tied to Jolla account which purchased the license. When signing in to this Jolla account from an Xperia device the license is also tied to the IMEI code of the device.

After signing in to this Jolla account from an Xperia device the licensed content becomes available. Restarting the device may be required in some cases - this is the first remedy for you if there are issues in seeing the content.

We recommend using a unique Jolla account on each device, and hence buying every license for a different Jolla account.

However, should you need to buy several licenses using one and the same Jolla account, please sign in from a different Xperia device to this account every time you have bought one license more. Do not buy all of the licenses in one go. In this way your licenses are linked correctly and make pairs of Jolla account and IMEI code, allowing the same account on several devices.

(*) Licensed content currently: Android support, MS Exchange support and predictive text input.


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