How to copy data from Home to SD card in Recovery Mode (Jolla C, Aqua Fish)

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The instructions in this article are meant for situations where the Jolla C or Aqua Fish device no longer functions normally, and the Command Line is required to attempt to salvage data from the device.

There is no guarantee that following these instructions will lead to successfully saving data.

If your device is in a normal state, i.e. functional, then use the Backup utility described here.

If you are unsure about following these instructions, you may contact us and explain your situation.

Transferring individual files or folders to the Memory Card

Enter the Recovery Mode (read this article if you do not know how).
Select option #3 "Shell".

At the shell give the commands to create some mountpoints which make copying from your Jolla C to SD card easier. This works for the default memory arrangement in Jolla C devices (i.e., you have not created any partitions yourself, etc.). It is also assumed that you have formatted the SD card to FAT32.

mkdir -p  /mysd
mkdir -p  /myhome
mount  /dev/mmcblk1p1  /mysd     
mount  /dev/sailfish/home /myhome

Now check what you have on the device (the following lines are examples):

ls -l /myhome/nemo/Documents/*
ls -l /myhome/nemo/Downloads/*
ls -l /myhome/nemo/Music/*
ls -l /myhome/nemo/Pictures/*
ls -l /myhome/nemo/Recordings/*
ls -l /myhome/nemo/Videos/*

Let's make the necessary folders on the SD card:

mkdir /mysd/MyDocs
mkdir /mysd/MyDownloads
mkdir /mysd/MyMusic
mkdir /mysd/MyPics
mkdir /mysd/MyRecordings
mkdir /mysd/MyVideos

Then, copy your data from the device to memory card (the following lines are examples):

cp -r /myhome/nemo/Documents/* /mysd/MyDocs
cp -r /myhome/nemo/Downloads/* /mysd/MyDownloads
cp -r /myhome/nemo/Music/*  /mysd/MyMusic
cp -r /myhome/nemo/Pictures/* /mysd/MyPics
cp -r /myhome/nemo/Recordings/* /mysd/MyRecordings
cp -r /myhome/nemo/Videos/* /mysd/MyVideos

We recommend deleting the copied files from the device memory to make space there.
This is important if your device cannot boot up any more (the following lines are examples):

rm -rf /myhome/nemo/Documents/*
rm -rf /myhome/nemo/Downloads/*
rm -rf /myhome/nemo/Music/*
rm -rf /myhome/nemo/Pictures/*
rm -rf /myhome/nemo/Videos/*

Once you have copied everything valuable:

umount  /myhome
umount  /mysd

exit # to leave the shell and return to Recovery Mode menu

Select #6 to exit the Recovery Mode.

Detach the USB cable and remove the battery. Then, reinsert the battery and power on your Jolla C device.

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